Our concepts focus on affordable and economic efficiency. It is our pleasure to identify potential savings. That is no rocket science. Our aim is to develop and implement economic and value-enhancing savings measures.

  • Efficiency optimization
  • Heat recovery concepts
  • Power generation concepts (emergency power, replacement power, island solutions, hybrid systems)
  • Concepts for the use of renewable energy, combined heat and power (CHP), combined heat power and cooling

We are constantly pursuing technical and energy developments. The aim is to select the innovations that are relevant to our customers. Tailor-made forward-looking customer solutions sometimes only come up by the essential courage for pilot projects. Our curiosity and whether manufacturers and developers keep what their technical innovations promise drive us.

  • Turbine systems
  • Storage systems (hydrogen, power-to-gas, power-to-heat, power-to-X)
  • Gas drives instead of electric motors
  • Load management systems
  • Energy from residual materials (hidden fuels)

We don’t reinvent ourselves every day, but we are anything but static thinkers. Willingness to learn, flexible thinking, curiosity and the aspiration to find the best solution make us a dynamic company.

  • Flexible adaptation to all task sizes, complex and simple projects
  • Adaptation to markets, technical energy developments
  • Thinking comprehensively

We optimize with enthusiasm and because we enjoy finding the best solution for our customers. Optimization is our aspiration. We optimize the operating of plants both from a maintenance point of view and in terms of energy consumption, efficiency and pollutant emissions. In the interaction of heat and cold sources and sinks, we find the optimal energy flows, taking into account the temperature level.

On request, we review and optimize existing supply contracts and conditions (prices, network usage fees, service prices, etc. Electricity, gas, district heating, contracting,..)